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Safer ACC Project

The Disruptive Product: Upganic

“Business Oportunity to bring market a healthy alternative for artifical ripening”

Ethylene (C2H4) is a natural vegetable hormone, or phyto-hormone, that plays a fundamental role in the ripening process of vegetables and fruits, since it is the precursor of the ripening response.

As a phytohormone, ethylene is a suibstance naturally self-produced by the vegetable/fruit to specifically induce/regulate all the physiological changes occurred during ripening/maturation.

Due to the well-known importance of fruit’s flavour and colour for market acceptance, the growers are forced to use different artificial techniques to induce ripening.

The most widely used liquid active substance to deliver ethylene in the field nowadays is the Ethephon. Unfortunately, Ethephon has been regulated in concentration limits in most crops, or even banned in several developed countries. For use in which the crop is processed before human consumption, most countries do authorise Ethephon’s use. However, on fruits and vegetables, Ethephon suffers strict regulations.

In Bionative (Formerly Just Global S.L.), this problema was identified as a new business opportunity, starting an intensive research to provide the agricultural sector with a disruptive molecule that could act as artificial ripening Plant Growth Regulator, while assuring affordability & harmlessness criterio.

The Disruptive Product: Upganic

Bionative Project, called “Safer ACC”, is intended to bring to the market an efficient non-toxic plant growth regulator for fruit & vegetables ripening: Upganic

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Safer ACC proyect started thanks to a Spanish award obtained by Bionate (formerly Just Global S.L), together with the leading organic synthesis group at Zaragoza University: INNPACTO 2012.

During this period the most optimal synthesis process to obtain ACC at industrial scale and improving the efficiency of ethylene release was developed.

In 2017, Safer ACC proyect is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) aimed at reducing industrial production cost, demostrate Upganic performance, harmlessness and economic competitiveness with the valid demostration actions and register.

The proyect will last 24 months, starting date of the action 01/03/2018.

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