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Safer ACC Project

The Disruptive Product: Upganic

Safer ACC work packages

The Safer ACC Project consists of following steps:

1. INNPACTO: development and demostration with real crops.
2. Business Plan and Feasibility study
3. Upganic production at Pilot Scale
4. Upganic Selling Price


The purpose of the first work package is to optimise the current ACC synthesis path, in oder to reduce the production costs for the active ingredients, thus decreasing selling price. The final route and strategies followed to reach this objetive must be reachable and efficient from the production point of view. Other field of improvement during the first package is the formula optimisation and applications. A final formulation type, ingredients to make it stable and presentation of the product shall be developed (application rates, solution concentration…)

Work Description
  • Activity 1.1- Optimisation of synthetic route
  • Activity 1.2- Optimisation of formula
  • Activity 1.3- Application

In parallel with WP1, this work package includes the engineering activities to convert the optimised theoretical synthetic route into a marketable product with optimized operational costs. The operative pilot-scale unit must accomplish the following technical specification:

  • Nominal production: 22 Kg/batch
  • Nominal production rate: 170 kg/month
  • Continuous operation: 24 h per day, Monday to Friday
Work Description
  • Activity 2.1- Pilot-scale prototype specifications

  • Activity 2.2- Piping and instrumentation diagram (PID)

  • Activity 2.3- Control System design and development

  • Activity 2.4- Procurement, assembly and start-up


The final objective of this work package is:

  • Produce enough product in the pilot plant to carry out the field trials series planned.
  • An external company must assess product performance to confirm its efficiency, proving that it is equal or better than current comercial alternatives. Fields trials must be done in several region and different characteristics.
  • Gather information for the application dossier.
Work Description
  • Activity 3.1- Production

  • Activity 3.2- Field Trials

  • Activity 3.3- Performance Assessment

  • Activity 3.4- Economic Assessment


The main objective of this work package is to submit the application dossier for registration, taking into account all the regulations for others regions (apart from Europe).

According to the legal procedure, we will also manage the IP knowledge and ensure that all EC requirements for communication and reporting are met.

Work Description
  • Activity 4.1- Product registration (Application dossier preparation and submission)

  • Activity 4.2- IRP strategy implementation


The objective of this work package is to develop a business innovation plan that incorporates the commercialization strategy and financial plan in view of market launch.

Work Description
  • Activity 5.1- Management of Financial resources and raise capital

  • Activity 5.2- End-users and Communication

  • Activity 5.3- Commercial agreements and clients

  • Activity 5.4- Update innovation plan and commercialization strategy


During this work packages, the objectives are:

  • Review and assess the work technical excellence and ensure that deadlines are accomplished while optimizing internal resources
  • Internal and external tasks coordination: schedule and deadline control
  • Communication and reporting to the European Commission
  • Grant and Project Public Dissemination, involving lobbies.
Work Description
  • Activity 6.1- Project Management

  • Activity 6.2- Dissemination activities

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